The FID gathers some amazing minds…


In 2012, Andreea Ciobica was an art student in Romania, when she became the FID Prize laureate. Today, she is our Guest Juror, invited to participate to the FID Prize Jury 2016.

Serghei Litvin: You won the FID Prize in 2012: what changed in your professional life since then?

Andreea Ciobica: It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing. I believe it has been an intense surge ever since. I realized then that being in the art world is as much about the relationships you nurture as it is about the work.
(Since FID Prize 2012, Andreea Ciobica participated in art fairs like Viennafair and Arco Madrid, solo and group shows with museums and galleries like MAK Vienna, Ivan Gallery, (Bucharest, Romania), Plan B Gallery (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Catherine Putman Gallery (Paris), Salonul de Proiecte (Bucharest, Romania), Twilight-Zone Gallery (Tournai, Belgium),…)

Serghei Litvin: What would you say to motivate artists to participate to the competition?

Andreea Ciobica: This competition in particular gathers some amazing minds surrounding drawing so entering it means communicating in a constructive environment. It’s the beginning of what could be a profoundly rewarding conversation.

Serghei Litvin: All applicants will not make it until the final phase – they will not be all Finalists. What would you say to motivate these artists to participate again, to come back next year?

Andreea Ciobica: Results happen in a set of circumstances that are each time unique. Applicants should be aware that their presence in a future edition might make an entirely different statement than the previous one did. One answer doesn’t have to be the end of the conversation.

Serghei Litvin: In his interview for FID Newsletter, Brett Littman said: « My hope is that the artists who apply for the 2016 FID Prize deeply respect what drawing can be and can achieve. » Could you make a comment on this as an artist and a Juror?

Andreea Ciobica: Since drawing is so basic to art, it has the potential to slip through our perception and reach impossible ends without being noticed. I too am hopeful that the artists who apply this year use this superpower to its full extent.

Serghei Litvin: What would you advise the candidates not to do?

Andreea Ciobica: I would ask them to avoid editing their work in order to fit any expectations.

The applications for the FID PRIZE 2016 opens Tuesday 1 December at 09:00 UTC
The registration time is limited.
The number of applications is limited.