Auction Rules

Step 1

Browse the all works listed and click on the work that you want to bid on. This will redirect you to the work’s bidding page.

Step 2

On the work’s bid page, you can bid by taking into account the following rules:

  • The announced starting price is the minimum price and the first bid cannot be lower than this amount.
  • If there is only one bidder, who offers the minimum price, this person will be declared the winner of the bid at the end of the auction.
  • Bids increase in increments of $50 ($50 = €45.50) and by multiples of 50 (100, 150, 200, etc.) up to the confidential ceiling price.

Step 3

In order for your bid to be accepted you need to create an account on the FID Auctions platform. Only your email and a password are required to create your account. You will be able to fill in additional account details after the account is created and you are logged in.

In case you already have an account on the FID Auctions platform you will be asked to log in to your account to place a valid bid.

Participants in the FID Prize competitions during the past 3 years can log in using their account details which are valid for FID Auctions as well.

Step 4

In case your bid is the highest and you win the auction, you should take into account the following:

  • In these ethical FID Auctions, bids that exceed the ceiling price will not be accepted. This means you will only be required to transfer the ceiling price, even if your winning bid was higher.
  • If the confidential ceiling price is exceeded during the auction, the auction will be closed on the highest offer within the limit of the ceiling price.
  • The entire amount of the winning bid needs to be transferred to the FID PayPal account within 24 hours from winning the auction.
  • The cost of packaging the work is for the account of the artist. The shipment cost is for the account of the buyer.

Step 5

As the winner of an auction, you should know the following details regarding how the work comes to your possession:

  • The winner of the bid is placed in direct contact with the artist by e-mail and they decide among themselves, without intervention by FID, on the conditions of dispatch, transportation, and delivery of the work.
  • FID does not accept any responsibility in this respect, but advises against flimsy packaging and non-tracked shipments.
  • The artist must confirm the dispatch to FID and to the buyer. As soon as the buyer confirms reception of the work, the amount of the winning bid, minus FID’s commission, is deposited in the account of the artist, by bank transfer. The cost of bank transfers is for the account of FID.