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FID Auctions is organised by FID, an independent cultural institution dedicated to contemporary drawing, which was founded in Paris in 2007.

Now in its tenth year, after the International Drawing Fair and, later, FID Prize the International Drawing Contest, FID has given itself a new assignment: to promote works of art which plot landmarks on the map of the world to come.

FID retains its focus on contemporary drawing, but widens its field of vision also to include some paintings and photographs.

FID Auctions offers an alternative, with the aim of benefiting those who love art for itself and not for the investment value that it may have for some. FID offers works of high intrinsic quality at reasonable prices; the most original, the most powerful works; those that contribute to the construction of new, strong cultural identities for the world to come.


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The FID Prize is an independent cultural institution founded in Paris in 2007.

FID team:
Serghei Litvin - Director
Alex Albu - web development
Petrus Viljoen - text editing
Nicolas Pfeiffer - web photo, printing & archive

9 rue Saint Louis en l’Île, 75004 Paris, France
email: | phone: +336 3427 1713