The FID is an independent cultural institution specialised in the patronage of expertise.
 The institution, dedicated to contemporary drawing, was founded in Paris in 2007.

  • FID Prize: the international drawing competition.
  • FID Editions: digital publishing and contemporary art bibliophilia with studio sketchbooks as main focus.
  • FID Newsletter: interviews on drawing
  • Professional consultancy (profile, strategy), for mid-career artists.

FID Editions

Mission: To offer to the limited audience of persons who are both lovers of contemporary art and bibliophiles, hand-made books dealing with the oeuvre of artists of the present time, artists with a strong personality, whose careers have often been radical. Studio sketchbooks are the main focus, the backbone of this new project.

FID Editions only present works on paper: studio sketchbooks, drawings, photographs, paintings on paper or on unstretched canvasses… The books, produced in limited editions, are entirely handmade. The format, types of paper, binding, remain constant, while the lay-out is redesigned each time to take account of the characteristics of the work to be published.

Some books are published only in digital format, such as the catalog of the FID Finalists 2016, for example.
Artists who wish to publish their work at FID Editions, can contact us.

Photos Nicolas Pfeiffer



FID Prize 2016 (drawings)

The digital book that rewards the 10 Finalists. Each Finalist receives from the jury several texts on his work. These brief, analytical and critical texts are accompanying the drawings reproduced in the book. Signed by international figures such as Brett Littman, they put the work in perspective for the big stage of contemporary art.


Tony Valentine: Autoportraits avec Alice et Alice 1983 – 2015 (dessins)

The 23 drawings were selected from amongst the 6,000 contained in the 200 studio sketchbooks that the artist has been filling up since 1983. This is his personal way of spiting the world. “I swear to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” repeats Tone Valentine. But he is not telling which tribunal he addresses, nor to whom he dedicates his defeat – his oeuvre.


Nicolas Pfeiffer: Les Hautes Alpes, Marches 2008 – 2014 (photos)

The artist has refused, until now, to show his work. Persuading him to produce this book has taken a year of difficult negotiations. At 56 years of age, Nicolas Pfeiffer confesses and recognises at last that he is an artist. Moreover, he has just, for the first time, sold an art photograph, an exceptionally beautiful print of 250 cm long and 32 cm high to a collector friend.


Catherine Boisjoly: Peintures et dessins (2008-2014)

This book is not an exercise in admiration, but an attempt at definition. To try to define Catherine Boisjoly is an interesting and potentially risky endeavour. Between saying too much and not saying enough there is a distance that may separate immodesty from mediocrity.

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